Shades of St. Martin

We hiked to the top of the hill near our hotel to get a panoramic view of the island. From there we could see St. Barth’s and various smaller islands–lovely to say the least.

We decided to have breakfast while there to enjoy the view a bit longer. I decided to order the American breakfast but did not pay attention to what that included: french bread, eggs, croissant, fruit cup, mango juice, coffee, potatoes, salad and a crepe.

I ate all of it . . .

The crepe came out the size of a deflated beach ball–big deflated beach ball rather and was hanging off the plate–I should’ve been embarrassed . . . What must they  think of Americans to always list an inordinate amount of food under our flag?

We are keeping our eye on Irene–once again–without my heroics. Son, D, pulled the boat (we had pulled the small one before leaving for vacation). He tied our deck furniture to the railings, removed the bird feeders, and hopefully placed all miscellaneous flower pots in a heap somewhere.

We’re fortunate to live at the highest point in town, but high winds, hurricane winds do not discriminate. A Nor’Easter sent our wicker sofa thrown against the stair banister where it precariously hung, stabbed through the heart, till morning.

The barrier island, which is across the bay from our home, is where I teach and where, when there are storms, the city floods and to navigate the roads requires a GPS and Loran!

Will the floods have receded by Thursday when all two hundred teachers have to flagellate themselves awake for work? Hmm, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? To have the entire city still under water by Thursday? (Smile)

*LATEST NEWS: I hear they are evacuating our town. Now really worried about our boats. Trying to contact sons, daughter-in-laws to pull boats out of town, take kitty home, etc. but can’t get through. Though enjoying paradise–really worried and distressed over The Beast. I’m sure son will have removed her by now.


5 thoughts on “Shades of St. Martin

  1. I am so worried about my NC beach – it seems to have a target painted on it. And am sending protective energy to your home (and kitty). It’s hard when you’re away and something like this is happening.

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