Les Papillions

1.Butterflies mating. If she decides to fly off, he hangs on.

#2. Butterflies get their energy from plant nectar and open their wings for solar energy.

#3 Leave a bar (of sorts) of fruit out to ferment, and they will get drunk . . . and happy!

#4 Daytime flitterers (I’ve coined this word) start encased in chrysalis’ and nighttime flitterers are encased in cocoons.

#5 This one is showing off.

Well, I shan’t post the hundreds of photos that I snapped at the butterfly farm. You just had to be there. Yesterday ended up partly sunny which is fine with me. We had a nice swim, Dapper G took several power walks, and I jogged a tad. Today we’ll go hiking to the top of the hill so that I can get some photos of the island and if the water is calmer, we shall kayak. Perhaps we’ll drive to a different, calmer location to do that.

From St. Martin, Antilles, this is Terry. My French croissant is awaiting!

If you know the names of the numbered butterflies above, please let me know! Merci

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

Quote of the Day for YOU: Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. Oscar Wilde


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