Summer’s Winding Down And Then . . . You-Know-What Comes!

Everyone’s trying to squeeze in beach time before you-kn0w-what comes!

While some lie in blissful ignorance of summer’s end, I think of all the obligations before you-know-what has its flying start.

While our governor thinks that teachers are feeding off the fat of the land, he doesn’t realize that we are working all summer creating novel units, tweaking the curriculum, looking for new resources, making slide presentations, spending $$$$.$$ on supplies, placing Wanted Ads for musical instruments, buying clothes for the less-than-fortunate children  . . .


So while my friends and I are always thinking about It, we also take the time to think about naught except the beautiful blue sky and the comfort of comradeship.

But when It begins, we know that we’re needed on stage for nine months of all-consuming work. Teachers are earnest about their jobs. What do you think? 

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

(All photos taken with trusty Canon SD880IS–never take your good camera to the beach unless you keep it in hand at all times!)

Quote of the Day for YOU: We expect teachers to handle teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and the failings of the family.  Then we expect them to educate our children.  ~John Sculley


15 thoughts on “Summer’s Winding Down And Then . . . You-Know-What Comes!

  1. I agree with you completely. Teaching could arguably be the most important occupation for our civilization, but the perks and benefits sure don’t reflect that. What do you teach?

  2. I was a teacher in NZ for many years in one of the toughest schools there , we were wild and very successful. Once I said to a fellow teacher” we should be paid millions for this” and she said.. No, c, then just anyone would do it – for the money. At least we know we want to teach aye c

  3. I work in higher education and bless our teachers – everyone every grade all along the way.

    We have it all wrong in society – teachers should be paid the millions and not the celebrities and sports figures.

  4. I was a teacher for 14 years … but actually a trainer/teacher for longer and I can relate to what you describe. The preparation time and the personal things caring teachers do are not lauded because some in the media/ and other people focus on what the bad ones do… It’s not easy. Keep the faith and thanks for sharing your summer days with me.
    Phew… glad I’m finally catching up on posts I missed… I’ve been battling pneumonia and household changes as my children go off to college; I am grateful for God’s grace and the love/support in my life. 🙂 TY!

  5. I think teachers are some of the hardest working people on the planet. I also think teachers deserve summers off, but know that that don’t really take full summers off. Meanwhile the people who want to make more cuts out of education somehow manage to fully enjoy their vacations. It’s nauseating.

  6. You are SO right that it is never far from your thoughts. When on holiday, invariably teachers end up buying something for the next topic or their classrooms. As a Headteacher, I realised that whatever I said about having a REAL holiday, it made no difference. Part of the psyche I think!

  7. I think teachers work incredibly hard and don’t get the recognition they deserve. Summer should be a well-earned break but I don’t know any teachers that actually take the break they deserve–they’re all working and prepping for next year’s classes!

    • Katie–thanks for reading the post. My friends and I constantly have school “on the mind.” For example: I just returned from the thrift store buying reading books for the children to take home!

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