Is It The Devil’s Work?

Some say it’s in our blood–my sister, cousins, and I. They say it’s innate–an Imelda Marcos syndrome of sorts.

At any time, I could be seen wearing a $50.00 dress and a $150.00 pair of shoes. But I can’t resist buying more. To me, shoes are mood enhancers. Forget the hairdo. Forego the make-up. It’s all about the shoes. Call it free will or fate. My obsession with shoes has no bounds, no foreseeable cure.

When I am not with shoe

I am alone,

For there is no one else

And there is nothing

That comforts me but shoe.

When you are gone

Suddenly I am sick,

Blackness is round me,

There is nothing left.

I have tried many things,

Music and cities,

Stars in their constellations

And the sea,

But there is nothing

That comforts me but shoe;

And my poor pride bows down

Like grass in a rain-storm

Drenched with my longing.

The night is unbearable,

Oh let me go to shoe

For there is no one,

There is nothing

To comfort me but shoe.

By T.A.Doebley.

Adapted from When I Am Not With You by Sara Teasdale.

Case in Point: Too over-the-top? Is medication required? Should I seek intervention from friends and family?

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


13 thoughts on “Is It The Devil’s Work?

  1. Better to have a collection of something that is useful and beautiful than to have no shoes at all and not be able to walk!

  2. Terry: When you were a child did you go barefoot? I mean did you live in a village and not need shoes?
    Shoes have often been an example of wealth…your feelings are not unique…really…I understand

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