Cowtown Rodeo

I recall going to the Cowtown Rodeo when I was a young teen. Not sure who I was there with–Girl Scouts? Girlfriends? I do remember not sitting in the bleachers, not even watching the rodeo. Young, silly girls are more interested in young, silly boys–I guess.

I don’t know why the bulls have tags on their ears. Perhaps the numbers represent the owner or identification for the rider. The rodeo’s been here for fifty-seven years and is on the professional rodeo circuit.

The noun ‘rodeo’ is derived from the Spanish verb ‘rodear’ which means ‘to surround.’ So technically, ‘rodeo’ would mean: I surround or I round-up.

I know the rodeo has been around for centuries, but I’m not enamored of the treatment of the animals in this sport. What’s your opinion?

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8 thoughts on “Cowtown Rodeo

  1. I am not sure if you are asking about the rodeo acts that go into town or if you are talking about cowboys rounding up the cows on a ranch. Two quite different things, I feel. I don’t know much about rodeos, except from what I have seen on TV shows, Bonanza and such. I find cowboys and ranching to be quite a fascinating lifestyle and culture, and I admire their toughness and their working with nature and with animals.

  2. Me either, I dont like to see or hear of any animal that has to suffer and stand around for people to gaulk at or be cages and treated like a nothing. I assume that the rodeo had been visited by animal rights groups but I have not heard of any negative rumors. That does not mean that the results of these visits are not available, maybe something to check into also. I try to be very aware of any animal that I see or might get involved with, to make sure that they are not mis-treated or suffer needlessly. As everyone should do during these times.

  3. I do not know the world of rodeo at all, so my perspective is not very informed and is certainly pretty biased. But from the outisde looking in, it looks aggressive and brutal, hard on animals and even the participants. Like bull fighting–I know there is a historical and cultural foundation but I cannot see myself enjoying the event. But then, I also do not attend circuses with animal acts either!

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