Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken II

Horse Stalls, Atlantic City Race Track

One could have a nice dinner here–years ago. One could find it neatly landscaped and crowded. There’s been many a debate over the racetrack’s future, the valuable property, the future of race tracks in general. For the track not to close, the commission has to race horses there for a minimum of one week. What’s your thoughts on horse racing?

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken II

  1. Horse racing isn’t my bag, but I’m cool with it.

    A good friend of mine has a horse farm with a few older race horses as well as a couple she competed with in equestrian competition. I’ve met a few of her friends and associates who own race horses and to a person they are committed individuals who love their animals.

  2. I am okay with horse racing. I am not into them personally, but I don’t see any harm in it. With anything in this world, from religion to fashions, there are always pros and cons, it is the nature of this universe, so likewise there are pros and cons with horse racing too, I am sure of it. 😉

  3. Good composition. The harsh bright light captures the hard reality of an an abandoned enterprise. As to professional horse racing, unlike other types of sports, is that the event is predicated on betting on the outcome. You can go to a baseball, hockey, or football game without placing a bet. Horse racing culture seems to be linked to gambling. Unfortunately, for some, gambling is an addictive behaviour. On the plus side a horse can honestly say that it had no say it had no knowledge that it was given steroids.

    • Thanks, Everyone, for the comments. The horse stalls and outbuildings are great places to take some interesting shots, but I got a tad freaked when I saw some clothing and shoes outside of one of the buildings–a woman alone . . .

  4. I agree…B & W pics are powerful…when presented t the right time or with the accompanying words…
    well done

  5. The B&W really adds to the feel of decay. I’m not opposed to horse racing, as long as it is done ethically and humanely. I love too see horses run, they are so beautiful when in motion. Too often any kind of sport becomes too much about the money.

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