Red Makes the Garden Pop, Pop, Pop

red dinner plate hibiscus

A few years back I bought three red, dinner plate hibiscus as that color was sorely lacking in my garden.

From the street, it draws ones eye to the back of the garden allowing the onlooker a peek past the garden up front.

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

  • Increases enthusiasm
  • Stimulates energy
  • Encourages action and confidence
  • A sense of protection from fears and anxiety

5 thoughts on “Red Makes the Garden Pop, Pop, Pop

  1. Red is a great color in the garden… that and yellow too. I find that the other colors, while beautiful up-close, can’t really be seen from the street…

  2. SO PRETTY!! 😀 i love red!! its my favourite colour 🙂 its really beautiful and it stands out against almost everything!

  3. Terry:
    oh let me say something literal and intelligent to express my emotions while seeing these beautiful pics….

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