In Defense of Amy

When I first met her, she was fresh out of Penn. Amiable,  talented, and intelligent, I began seeing other attributes that would eventually precipitate and solidify our bond besides teaching: painting, interior decorating, art, food, clothing, movies. I used to  tease her about “hanging-out” with us “old ladies” as many of us have fifteen to twenty years on her. But that’s what makes Amy so special–if there were any issues with our age differences, it was never manifested. Her parents, Jerry and Lainey, did well.

If she happens to be in the area, I know she’ll call or stop by. If someone’s ill, he or she can be assured a visit. If you tell her something in confidence, she will not gossip or betray–she’s a genuinely good person–truly compassionate and kind. We could all learn a lesson or two from her.

So when I read negative comments about Amy and her new husband, Patrick Kennedy–I become agitated and annoyed, immediately taking up her defense. Should we be judged on the sins of our fathers as Patrick has? Haven’t we all made mistakes that we’d love to bury? If you are without sin, go ahead–cast the first stone!

Amy Petitgout met a man, Patrick Kennedy, at a fundraiser during a period in her life when she was feeling a tad vulnerable, and Patrick himself was recovering from addictions and the loss of his father, Ted.  Yeah, it’s that simple: boy meets girl, they fall in love. It’s as simple as that!

One Mind for Research

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Quote of the Day for YOU: The past is behind us, love is in front and all around us.  ~Terri Guillemets


10 thoughts on “In Defense of Amy

  1. Great post, Petals. It is good to defend the innocents. I completely agree that we are only responsible for our own mistakes, not our fathers, or mothers, or our children, or our friends, etc., etc. Lately, there is a rush to judge the rich, the politicians, the well off, the poor, the immigrants, etc., and their families. This is a good reminder to see things apolitically and non-ideologically, and to meet people on their own terms.

  2. Right on, Terry. Right on.

    I dread the day we head into the supermarket and see some contrived, slanderous, ridiculous, made-up, false and otherwise trashy “news” on rags like this:

    We can hope it never happens, but those @#*$#@@$ just want to sell “news”papers, so, it’s only a matter of time.

    Talk about getting worked up when you see false crap like this in print. Now it’s going to be personal for many of us.


  3. We are all human not one of us perfect, each of us trying to make our way through this mixed up crazy world. We can only hope to find someone to share the journey with who accepts us for who we have been, who we are and who we will become.

  4. This new couple deserve to be happy, to lead a life of love and understanding of all who know and love them. I wish them well in their future together, with much love and happiness. AND TO HELL WITH WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE SAYS!

  5. Thanks for reminding everyone that we need to remember that personal lives need to remain that, personal. Let people prove themselves to each other–and keep the public scrutiny away. It helps to have friends who can help protect you! Patrick and Amy are indeed lucky!

  6. The funny part of this whole story is that people who don’t know Amy think that she so lucky to have married a “Kennedy”, all that money. Amy was fine on her own and we, who know her, know that she will always be successful at everything she does. Patrick is the lucky one. He found a woman who is confident, bright, personable and wise beyond her years. Someones whose number one goal for her life is family and love. Congratulations, Patrick…you did good!

  7. Great post about friendship, hope and love. I hope they live happily ever after.

    And thanks for the mention (again). Nice to know us Kennedy fans have got both sides of the fence covered.

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