Swinging? It’s Not For Me!

Swings look so inviting, relaxing, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling of having been on a merry-g0-round when I get off.

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


13 thoughts on “Swinging? It’s Not For Me!

  1. I don’t like swings either! I don’t like the feeling of my stomach dropping. In fact, I don’t even visit amusement parks. Not only because of the way the rides make me feel, but also because I’m afraid of heights, LoL. ANyhow, GREAT PHOTO!

    If you find a moment, please check out my photoblog at the link provided below. Thanks!


  2. Swings always remind me of my mom, she loved to swing with me when I was little. I try and swing with my girls when we are at a playground. I can’t swing as long as my mom did, I get a little woozy.

  3. Every once in a while I go for a swing. A few moments of feeling you can touch the sky and letting my childhood wash over me with the breezed is worth the wobbliness of the dismount. 🙂

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