Success at Becoming Self-Sustaining

One of the main purposes for vacationing in Kentucky was to see M & L’s cabin on property they bought (85 acres).  M is very clever and learned an abundance of building techniques from Dapper G which is why he was able to construct this small cabin independently.

The optimum orientation to erect solar panels is to situate the house/roof in a direction that captures the most sun–for his home it is 191 degrees S.  (They currently have solar panels at their home in N.J.)

I believe this is a Flame View wood cook stove. which is made to look old. Apparently, there are hundreds of companies that make new wood cook stoves in various styles. After having done a little research on them, I found that the Amish also make them and that working, antique stoves can still be readily found. I bet a lot of heat permeates his little great room and the room above, but he also has another wood stove for heating that is not yet installed.

1950 Servel propane-run refrigerator

The find of the century is this 1950 Servel refrigerator which someone was selling NEW in the box for only $1,000. They sell for much more and oftentimes in a used condition. My photo is not very clear, so below I’ve attached a 1950s print ad of one.

1950 Servel Gas Refrigerator Print Ad (3695)

There is still much they want to do with the land, but for now they will focus on finishing the cabin and enjoy the beautiful views from the porch.

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8 thoughts on “Success at Becoming Self-Sustaining

  1. What peace and quiet must be like. Looks like sitting on the porch and thinking there is no place like this place. More great shots, very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Terrie:
    I think one day post nothing but pictures…see if they can speak to your readers..I think your pics talk to me…and others.

  3. What a lovely place! We are trying to become more self suficient as well. I also can reccommend Lehmans. We have purchased several items through them and have always been happy with the products and service.

  4. It looks like such a beautiful place to live. 🙂

    In Ohio Amish country we have this store:

    It’s a great place to find what they call “old fashioned, high quality” merchandise. They have quite a few appliances that don’t use electricity (because they sell to the Amish).

  5. These talents I wish someone in every family had, and I wish that we did not lose them with modernity. It is so very green and rolling out there, almost like England and Ireland.

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