Not Just Another Day On The Lake

Serene and peaceful are words of little exaggeration—we practically had all 8,723 acres of lake to ourselves other than the small motorboat moored to the coast.

We received a call from the marina stating that another storm was coming in, so they gave us the option of coming back to the dock for the night (which I think they were hoping for) or “tying up tight” to the trees—we opted for the latter.

A terrific way to de-stress, un-wind, de-clutter the mind  is to spend a week on a lake with which nothing to concern ourselves except what we are going to have for dinner, if the water will be even warmer to swim in today, or whether the fish will give up one of their brethren for our dinner.

Today I sat back on a rubber tube in the lake for most of the afternoon—my fingers were wrinkled from having been in the water for so long. Dapper G was content reading his Buckley novel while my daughter-in-law was walking her fox terrier, and my step-son trying to determine the best method of catching one of these stubborn fish for dinner.

I wondered what everyone else in Kentucky was doing, since the lake was empty but for a few boats occasionally drifting by.

We did go ashore the other day into Amish country. There are signs to warn other drivers of their horses and buggies, but that didn’t stop a driver from coming head-on with one earlier in the week leaving the buggy passengers in critical condition. I wish there could be a lane separate for them or at least a wider shoulder with which to ride separately from the traffic. The back roads are windy, hilly, and narrow and most everyone drives fast, too fast.

Soon we’ll return home where we’ll have to pick up the pace, prepared to take on all the responsibilities we left behind leaving all our pent up stress at the bottom of the lake.

©Teresita Abad Doebley. All Rights Reserved 2009-2011.



8 thoughts on “Not Just Another Day On The Lake

  1. Ok, I think I’m ready now for whatever comes to me today, the only problem is that I didnt catch any fish for dinner.

  2. Sounds so idyllic. I didn’t know the Amish lived in Kentucky, I thought their domain was only Pennsylvania. I want to see Kentucky even more now. 🙂 These are the best kept secret places of the US. 😉

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