Quilt Trail of Kentucky

The Foothills Quilt Trail Committee of Rowan County, KY, was formed in 2004 o produce 8’X8’ barn quilt squares with the hopes of creating a “quilt trail” for the county.

 The goal was to display a variety of hand-painted quilt patterns while developing an appreciation for the art of quilting and encouraging the preservation of barns in Rowan County.

 Pairing a barn with a quilt pattern not only honors both but recognizes the rural heritage that has been the fabric of America since colonial days.

 I couldn’t get any good shots of the barns and quilts because there are no shoulders on the sides of the roads. So all of the shots were taken as “drive-bys.”

 My step-son, Matt, and his wife, Lisa, bought property in the hills not far from Cave Run Lake. I vow to paint a quilt sign for their property!

 Food: Not faring well with the sausage, biscuits & gravy, fried catfish, fried everything. Could only load one picture!

©Teresita Abad Doebley. All Rights Reserved 2009-2011.


6 thoughts on “Quilt Trail of Kentucky

  1. One is enough, I dont think everyone realizes the trouble you are going through to get these photos posted for all to see. I think we are all enjoying Kentucky with you as you travel, enjoy, be safe.

  2. I have never been to Kentucky. Would love to go there. People there are very polite and kind, in my experience, and very accepting of others who are different. They are just the opposite of what their reputation is in the media.

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