Who Will Watch Over You?

By today, I will be in Pensacola visiting my very spry but aging parents. While here, I will worry about my perennial garden.

digitalis 'ambigua grandiflora'

I can trust that the bees will be taking care of business (as usual), but perennials are totally self-absorbed–high maintenance personalities.

I’m fortunate to have like-mined gardening friends (thank you Chrissy and Sherry?) who will watch over my perennial garden while I am sunning, and swimming, and satisfying my appetite on Southern food.

It’s true–I will be fretting over the garden and I will be missing Dapper G, but as my parents age I know that I need to spend time with them while I can. My father is a fantastic cook and my mother, a great gardener. So I suppose I’ll return happy and a few pounds heavier!

Pasa buen dia a todo!

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


6 thoughts on “Who Will Watch Over You?

  1. I stopped by the house today, I guess it was after 1:30 did a walk around and some weeding and dead heading. I did not go in the shed and I did not water because my garden fingers told me that they were not quite thirsty. What a beautiful yard and garden you have, everything blends and matches perfectly. I was not in a hurry but had just been to the dentist and was not really up to par, but I’ll be going back soon. It’s time for me to take some photos of your garden. Have a great vacation girl, tell Mom and Dad I said HI! Dont know if they will remember me, it’s been a while. Also, please translate the last line???Sorry.

  2. I hope the time is lovely—you deserve it and it will make us all happier.
    Again…the pics—to much


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