Down the Street

I took my bike ride at 5:43 this morning down the street (an expression used here which can mean one block or one mile) before the dog walkers and cyclists. I stowed my camera in the basket attached to my bike, my lavender bike, that is. I wrapped it in the fleece scarf that happened to be in the basket since last fall. It’s so peaceful this time of day–no one should be sleeping at this hour.

The sun was alreadycrowning the homes along the bay giving off a not-quite-creamsicle-orangey glow on the water. See what one misses when slumbering at six?

The tide was out pretty far as you can see by the dark markings on the pilings–a spring tide, I suppose, which has nothing to do with the season but rather the alignment of the sun and the moon.

I made it to the top of the bridge with a little burn in my thighs as I had a calendar full of dinners and parties this week–too busy for boot camp much to my trainer’s dismay. So I did feel it a tad on the way up–in my cruiser, my lavender cruiser with a basket on the front.

I decided to take this shot straight into the sunlight (after having frightened off a night heron with my screechy brakes) and was lucky enough to catch a boat going by–not a great shot but I like the sparkle on the water. And if you’re still counting sheep, you’ll miss the heron.

The morning haze began to burn off and the sky reflected in the water look promisingly blue. Any summer day regardless of the weather is promising, isn’t it? One can accomplish much with extra daylight. Especially when one has a lavender bike with a basket on the front in which to carry a camera.

Get outdoors!!

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


13 thoughts on “Down the Street

  1. Your beautiful words and photos are inspiring me to start getting up a little earlier in the day. You’re right. There is so much to be seen in those early morning hours. And with the heat of summer deciding to settle in, early morning will likely be the best time of day to be out and about. 🙂

  2. My Petals! You have outdone yourself. This is so incredible, both the photography and the writing. The dawn does breathe in a divine glow to everything. My favourite photo is of the sunlight and the boat.

  3. Gorgeous photos, you are right, no one should be sleeping at this hour. Ugh! I’m not a morning person, but dusk and dawn are the light for photographers. Love the water reflecting the sky, so peaceful.

  4. I am speechless, every one I look at just gets better and better. I only wish that I was this interested in photography when I was much younger. There is too much to see and much too much to let everyone else see. (Does that make sense?)

  5. OMG! This is the best. In no way does it resemble where I was born…but pretty close.
    The pictures with the shoreline and full grass lands miss the sudden elevation of overgrown hills and mountains to their back…but it is very close.
    I loved this post. This will not be my only visit.


  6. Terry…
    The absolute BEST time of the day hands down, especially at the shore is early morning.
    I ALWAYS made it a point to take whomever I was staying at the beach with to do at least ONE sunrise on the beach during the period. Some loved me. Some thought I was ridiculous. I never regretted ONE.
    I STILL to this day never use an alarm clock and I get up typically around 5 to 5:30am. I brew my java, and sit quietly enjoying the peace and beauty of another glorious morning.
    The only thing missing (and it’s a BIG one) from your photos, it the amazing aroma of the shore and inlets.
    Thanks as always for sharing. Don’t ever stop, I’m addicted. : )

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