¡Muchas gracias a todos!

What a pleasant surprise to find have been given blog awards by a blogging friend who gives me, us gentle reminders of what “positive kismet” can do for the soul and guide us through life. Thank you, Eliz! (Mirth and Motivation)

Now I should post seven random facts about myself, hmm . . .

  1. Grateful everyday for a wonderful husband and soul mate who supports me in every adventure: photography, painting, gardening, traveling, drawing, paper-making, flower pressing, stained glass cutting–get the idea?
  2. I am a teacher of English and English as a Second Language–very close to retirement.
  3. I enjoy boot camp and Zumba to stay in shape, and I am now stronger and in better shape than I have been since my twenties!
  4. I hate, hate, hate to cook.
  5. I have lived overseas and spent my childhood in Hawaii.
  6. I have a very large extended Irish-Filipino family with whom I love and adore. My parents are in their 80s–and still feisty & healthy.
  7. I am addicted to spaghetti. So there!

I have enjoyed immensely:

There are so many people to thank: people who read Christine G., Ted G. and his wonderful photos, Seasweetie, whatapic, klassikurvz, for Julia who stops by jfb57.wordpress.com, to Rthde.wordpress who really knows how to work that aperture–whew–too many more to name.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a peek. I know the summer will take everyone on other journeys–just know that even if I don’t comment for the next few months, I will be looking, scanning, skimming and thinking warmly of you all. Peace & happiness, Terry.



9 thoughts on “¡Muchas gracias a todos!

  1. A most humble thank you for the mention. And thanks for sharing your magical lens to the world with all of us. It’s nice to have such a kind and positive blogging neighbor to look forward to.

  2. Congratulations on all those awards.
    How sweet of you to mention me and my blog in your post. Thank you so much. Enjoy the summer and I’ll be looking for your comments when you are back. 🙂

  3. Why Miss Terry… I am so humbled by a shout out from one of my most enjoyable “blogettes!”
    Thanks for sharing just YOU. I always enjoy and appreciate your “eye” for nature’s beauty and thoroughly enjoy your “soul” for the amazing and appropriate quotes that motivate my day.

  4. Thank you so Terry:
    It sounds not sincere…but believe me it is…I need little pick me ups like your article. Thanks for listing me and I hope you enjoy my work in the future.

    super thanks and hugs

  5. Thank you Terry, although I hope I don’t just rant. 😉 I do stain glass too, although I haven’t for a very long time. Maybe it is something I need to pick up again.

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