Kayakers in the Fog

I rose early to take some photos in the fog. Much to my surprise, the park was already bustling with activity. There were a group of men getting their gear together to kayak . . . in the fog.

I was almost certain they were headed up river, but they turned toward the open bay and possibly the inlet.

I noticed that they did stretching exercises before putting their kayaks into the water. Some had specials shoes, hydration packs, and other gear for water sports.

The gnats started biting and swarming my head, so I was glad to see that they were finally on their way. Wonder how one deals with gnats while kayaking because I know how annoying they can be when we’re out on the boat.

The team leader gave his last minute instructions on how he wanted everyone positioned and ran through basic paddle- and arm signals.

I have kayaked the inter-coastal waterway but not the open waters of the sea. It must take a lot of strength to fight currents and wakes from boaters. I could hear a boat engine not far away–I hope they were traveling slowly through the thick fog and I wondered if the kayakers had some way of letting boaters know they were on the water.

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

ps Finally met my girlfriend’s beau, Patrick Kennedy. I don’t know what I was expecting–perhaps it’s because the Kennedys are the closest we have to a royal family! But he’s a regular “Joe” just like the rest of us, a nice guy and I am very happy for my dear friend, Amy–my Princess Grace.


6 thoughts on “Kayakers in the Fog

  1. I’m always amazed how much mood fog adds to an image, although I’ve never actually been able to find a suitable subject myself… I’m sure I’d not want to be in open water in a kayak in fog though… I’d rather know exactly where I am, and know that people can see me too… lol…

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