Easing Into the Rhythms of Summer

I like rising early to take photos. This morning I stayed close to home as the sun wasn’t being very cooperative which is not really a problem–I can make an exposure adjustment and, hey, it’s almost summer. I’m wearing shorts and sandals–what’s there to complain about?

By 6:30 most of the big game fishermen are already on their way–the bay fisherman must wait on the tide. Most of the sailors are still slumbering as there is barely a breeze to carry them across the inlet.

Within the hour, cyclists in one fell swoop will be crossing the bridge–heads down, their rotations in unison, fluid. Their bodies will be tested but energized.

My mother taught my brother, sister and me how to ride a two-wheeler even though she never knew how to ride one herself. I vividly recall her holding onto the back of the seat, running alongside, talking me through the balancing, and then letting go.

As the sun begins breaking through a small opening in the dense cloud cover, someone will be sliding their kayak into the quiet water. He’ll hop in, take a seat, and dip his paddle into the creek, slicing his way down the channel leaving small wake ripples behind. His arms a little stiff until his muscles are warmed, finding his cadence.

Ah, finally the joggers and walkers. They come in abundance, keeping a steady pace–most have a specific route or goal in mind. I prefer the bay side for this as it keeps my mind occupied. It’s quite pleasant and I, too, find my tempo.

All creatures ease into the rhythms of summer: the rabbits hop-hopping to taste-test young seedlings; the birds teaching fledglings to flap, flap their tender wings; the squirrels hand-over-fist, hand-over-fist until they reach the bird feeder (they are persistent in their quest); and the fish zig-zagging through the water.

Find your rhythm this summer–but you must find it outdoors–that is the only way to experience summer, life.

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


8 thoughts on “Easing Into the Rhythms of Summer

  1. I so look forward to your photos every day, I’m so glad that you told me about signing up. Great shots by the way, the water so soothing knowing that it’s a cool solution to the heat that will come soon. Still summer is what we’ve been waiting for all winter long.

  2. The black and white pics are so pretty.
    I love the way you write. The description is just—so warm.


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