A Day of Remembrance

Estell Manor Veteran's Cemetary

Today we give thanks to those serving in the military, for those men and women who make, or have made,  many sacrifices for our country every day. It is also a time to remember those who are no longer with us who also served.

Today I thank my father who served for 31 years in the Navy, who in spite of the little time he had to spend with his family because he was out to sea for 3 months at a time on a nuclear submarine,  provided for his family with such meager pay, made time to help us with our studies even though he never finished the fourth grade,  took the time to teach us how to swim the waters of Hawaii,  made homemade cinnamon buns and fresh donuts on Sundays, danced with my mother in the kitchen as my brother, sister, and I merrily watched, kept the house in working order, taught my sister and I how to do the calypso, painted Christmas scenes on the window, showed us how to make a kite, baited our hooks so he could teach us how to fish, showed me how to tool leather, change the oil in the car, fill the radiator, change a tire–all this and more when he was only home for several weeks out of the year.

To my father, my uncles, and cousins who served–we will never forget your service.


6 thoughts on “A Day of Remembrance

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal story of your father. It is such a sweet portrayal of a dad and of a happy family. Today, I was thinking, is there really anyone in the US who hasn’t been touched personally by the sacrifices of our military men and women? I don’t think so. If we look back from Independence war, civil war, 20th century wars, etc., nearly everyone in the US has either an ancestor or an immediate family member or a friend who has served or is serving. We owe our freedoms and lifestyles to all of them.

  2. The words of honor are due because they did choose to serve. And their serving in the end was for our good. Thank you to all who deserve this honor. Your story of your Fathers love and what he did was special indeed, thanks for sharing it with us Terry!

  3. There will always people who love America…as long as there are those of us that suffered tyranny and injustice till saved by her shores…there will always be an America…and it will always be loved…

  4. If only all the people thought this way. There should be an
    American flag flying at every person’s house, not only today but every holiday we celebrate. This photo is a tribute to all those who served, I honor and respect them. Thanks Ter for showing or reminding us what we should be thinking about!

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