50s Lone Star Aluminum Boat

15 ft.1950 Lone Star

This is the real deal: a 1950s aluminum Lone Star boat–highly collectible. There’s something appealing about the 50s style, the sharp angles, the bright colors . . . the fins, even the Bakelite plastic. When I ride my bike down the causeway, I pass this boat. I have been passing this boat for two years now and wondering why I’ve never seen it on the water.

I’m picturing myself in a turqoise scarf ala Audrey Hepburn, a sleeveless blouse with the collar turned up, and gingham petal pushers cruising through the channel. . . wish it were mine.

©teresita abad doebley all rights reserved 2009-2011.

Quote of the Day for YOU:  There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.
The Wind in the Willows
Rat, Ch. 1. (* Note – many life lessons to be learned from this book!)


21 thoughts on “50s Lone Star Aluminum Boat

  1. I have just started a rebuild on a 1956 lone Star Malibu and the one am starting with is pretty rough to say the least but it was my brothers and he passed away before he could do anything with it so I am going to build it for him I have a 1968 model 33 HP Evinrude outboard motor and I am going to replace the wood and a few other things but all and all its all there but the dash is messed up and I will put another steering wheel in and new cable and spring I have most of it and I will have to make a windshield for it but I am going to make it look really pretty with Cypress trim and I might do the dash in Cypress to j will see what I think when I get that far if I can put pictures of it on here I can do the START to finish on it

    • Last year we had to take out the steering mechanism and the Evinrude and now I have an automatic start. I kinda miss that big white steering wheel though. I get a lot of head-turning on the water but wish those big boats wouldn’t get so close. I feel like my boat will get swallowed in their wakes!

  2. Hey guys…
    I have this exact same boat that I have restored over the last 4 years. Unfortunately I have updated the motor and windshield as well as the steering system. The color was done as factory colors and reproduction decals. Living in Canada these boats are quite rare as are the parts, that being said the restoration has got many comments and people really seem to like the 50’s look with the fins… Any idea what a original is worth now a days ?

  3. I’m the owner of this vessel and am so pleased to hear she has fans. Perhaps I should start a Facebook fan page for her.

    To answer the question about why the boat is not in the water, it is because I chose to restore the 50’s Evinrude outboard that is on the boat rather than repowering her with a modern motor just for the sake of putting it back in the water. I simply felt it was appropriate to get the existing 50’s Evinrude outboard running again. I’ve contracted my friend Corky Campbell from Campbell’s New Generation Marine in Somers Point (which is where you took these photos) to restore the motor properly.

    This will ensure when she returns to the water, she will return as a fully restored vessel.

    • hello, I have a boat just like that, except mine is in need of restoration. It has a 35 hp Johnson Sea Horse motor that runs. All info I can find on it says its probably a 56 model. The body is In great shape, however, it needs re-wiring and seats re-upholstered. Fresh paint wouldnt hurt. If anyone is interested, let me know. phil35581@yahoo.com .

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