Cape May and Conservation

Reeds at Cape May Point National Bird Refuge

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge and Cape May Point State Park are both major migratory routes. At “the point” there are nice hiking trails and boardwalks where one can view birds, native flowers, and other animals close-up. The Cape May Bird Observatory hosts a  World Series of Birding event where sponsored teams of different levels spot birds to raise money for bird conservation which is distributed throughout the world. To date, they have raised $8,000,000!

We often go early on a Sunday to spot birds with more serious birders, and then have an early dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants of this old Victorian town. People worldwide have visited Cape May for birding or to stay in one of the many Victorian bed and breakfast inns.

My husband has become pretty adept at spotting birds and while I do enjoy spotting too, most of the time my head’s hung down spotting weeds and flowers. Just can’t help myself!

According to Bird Life International, their latest 2010 assessment lists 1,240 birds threatened with extinction. In today’s world it’s difficult to choose just one cause to support–there are so many, but give what you can. I know I am ridden with guilt by not giving more but to whom do I support? The native flowers that are disappearing? The birds that are threatened? The dwindling numbers of many animals? What is it going to take for people to realize what is happening to the Earth and all its natural wonders?

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Quote of the Day for YOU: We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.


6 thoughts on “Cape May and Conservation

  1. Cape May is an amazing place to visit. I haven’t been there in eons. Since you brought it up, might be time to go visit again… The accompanying photo is so serene… 🙂

  2. I love Cape May! We try to visit a couple of times a year. Even though most of my summer is just a few miles up the road I don’t get there often enough. This year I will definitely try to more often.

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