Separated At Birth

Pinky Pie and Cookie

What are the odds of meeting your twin sister on WordPress when you were separated from her at birth? From what  srotas did her subconscious find me? Who channeled whom?

As it is, we met when she responded to my post, and her curiosity peaked when she saw my email address which contains my birth date, her birth date. So she asked and found: Our birthdates, our birth towns, our birth hospitals–same, same, same. Coincidence?

Once over this mind-blowing then numbing news, there were/are many questions.   Conclusively–just one: Who are/is my birth parent(s)?


We’re still getting to know one another: She likes the cold; I like the heat. She’s Jewish; I’m Catholic. She has light hair; I have dark. She likes olives; I like pickles. She can ice skate; I can swim.

That’s what happens when twins have been raised in different environments–she with Dad and I with Mom but both had remarried, the circumstances, the out-of-love, the separation unbeknownst to us. Answers still too fragile to get close to.

But here we are: Pinky Pie (Susan) and Cookie (Teresita), catching up on the sugar and spice and ribbons and lace. Middle-aged women  acting like little girls. The little twin girls we were never allowed to be.

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


22 thoughts on “Separated At Birth

  1. Wow, Teresita! This story has the makings of a great book. I’d buy it!

    Thank you for your recent comment on my spiderwort photo. I posted a reply on your comment, but it’s here below in case you miss it!

    Thanks, Teresita. I love this flower for the same reasons. I was amazed at how many were blooming en masse at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I have photographed these flowers at my local favorite park, Green Spring Gardens, but they are usually only 2-3 plants in a single area. The ones at Lady Bird were in huge banks with several dozen plants—I went a little crazy photographing them!

  2. This is an amazing story… For a moment I thought it was written in jest but I don’t think so…. What a gift to discover your twin sister in a writers community! WoW! I see Hollywood, Oscar night, Parts I II & III….
    Sending you and your sister hugs and blessings! 😉
    Keep us posted,

  3. This is so amazing that you found each other over a blog post. So much to explore and to learn about yourself, twin, and families. I agree with Cayman, this will make a great movie. Already I find similarities to parent trap, only an grown up version of it. You should look into making a movie of out it. Don’t know how one goes about doing such a thing, though. Best wishes with your new discovery!

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