Kan I Kvetch–Kind Of?

Miscanthus in the Rain

I’ve read numerous remarks on WP about the absence of nice spring weather lately. Between the wind, the temperatures dipping below thirty, and the rain, I’m behind schedule  on so many springtime tasks. Tonight we’re getting a Nor’easter which means I’ll have to drag my boots with me tomorrow. So there’ll be no chance on doing boot camp outside which means the six of us will be crammed into the small gym and I’m just waiting for someone to accidentally let go of the 25 lb. kettle ball which will inevitably hurtle towards me. (Taking a breath.) Along with my boots, I’ll have my school tote and my camera, but I haven’t been able to take very many good pics since it’s normally cloudy six out of seven days of the week. Had enough?

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


8 thoughts on “Kan I Kvetch–Kind Of?

  1. Do be careful when making a self diagnosis. Especially since kvetching is a chronic affliction. If it flares up again, be sure to seek immediate medical attention. Or just post more pics. Whatever works for you.

  2. I’m with you on that one… I have had enough of the sleet and hail and hope it sashays its freezin’ behind to some other place..
    Yeah, I am kvetching too. It’ll get better they tell me.. oh yeah get … when? Enough already 🙂

  3. Lovely rain drops, which as you may have noticed was one of my themes and remains my avatar….

    at least you have a camera. Mine has completely disappeared.

    • Yes, now I see it. I do like your avatar and so hope that camera reappears! Sob–yes, I would too. Have a great weekend. The sun will be out tomorrow and I need to take a pruner to the buddleia.

  4. I’m behind too. But I figure spring will catch up with us soon. Or we’ll go right into summer. Either way, the springtime tasks will still be there.

    The thought of a hurtling kettle bell makes me wince. And want to duck.

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