Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Florida has some of the whitest sands I have ever seen. The water can reach into the 80s during the summer–not much relief from the hot, humid weather there. But their coastlines are lovely, and they have miles of free beaches . . . unlike here. Complaint: We have to pay for yearly beach tags and parking.

I have always lived near the ocean–I don’t think I could live anywhere else, but a mountain vacation during the heat of the summer seems very appealing. Mountains or coastline–what is your pleasure?

©teresita abad doebley all rights reserved 2009-2011.

Quote of the Day for YOU: The quieter you become, the more you can hear.  ~ Baba Ram Dass


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

  1. Nice shot, love the horizontal separation of tones. As one who hasn’t visited the ocean too many times and only likes to drive through mountains, if given the option, I would head to the shore.

  2. I’m definitely a mountain girl over a beach bunny! But I like the woods best of all, whether they are flatland woods or mountain woods really makes little difference to me. The views are so much nicer in the mountains but it’s the little interaction of all the small organismes that fascinate me most!

    • Yes, quite true. This concept of forest therapy is quite true. I have been forest bathing a lot this winter (by myself to take photos), and there’s nothing like it! Do research on it, Keebler.

  3. Ocean for me! The smell, the sound and the feel of the sea – nothing beats these. Although, I have enjoyed my mountain trips quite a bit too.
    Today’s quote is a timely reminder.:-)

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