Don’t Feed the Geese, Please!

Canada Goose

There was a time, long ago now, when seeing that v-formation of Canada geese migrating south was a cue to prepare for winter. Their loud honks would pervade the skies and draw onlookers out into their yards to witness the spectacle. Oohs and Ahhs escaping mouths with heads bent backwards, hands shielding eyes.

But now they reside here year round–everywhere. I miss seeing their v-formation, fascinated with their innate knowledge of aerodynamics. And since they are here to stay–be kind and don’t feed them foods fit for human consumption. It’s been proven that wing deformities will occur in offspring caused by the nutritional deficiencies.

I found this goose at the park and tried to research as to whether his missing foot was a deformity due to eating human foods, but I couldn’t find any information on it. He got on perfectly fine, by the way.

Quote of the Day for YOU: Nature knows no indecencies, man invents them.      ~ Mark Twain


8 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Geese, Please!

  1. They stay year round here too. Although I love to watch them, they are bad for our pond (there are too many of them and they over-fertilize the pond causing algae blooms). We get a lot of exercise shooing them away.

    I would love to have a few of them stay, but they always invite about 100 of their friends and relatives.

    • They actually have special “hunts” twice a year at one of the national wildlife refuges because of the problem you just mentioned because of the huge numbers of them. They are a problem at the school where I teach because they sully the ball fields, so we have dummy wolves in the fields to keep them out. It’s a problem, yes, but . . .

  2. I was wondering about that foot too… The geese in my area still fly in formation but they don’t go too far and always seem to return. They are not fed in our park and I’ve never even seen anyone try… such fascinating birds. 🙂
    Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the visit.

  3. He probably got a piece of plastic or fishing line tangled around it and it died. We really have to get this plastic addiction under control.

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