Do You Have A Favorite Flower?

Aquilegia chrysantha (Golden Spur Columbine)

In one of my first interviews as a teacher, a principal asked, “What is your favorite book?” Well, I was taken aback by this absurd question: He’s asking a literature and language major what her favorite book is?

So asking a gardener if they have a favorite flower is quite the same. I like certain flowers for specific reasons. But I do have a soft spot for columbines, their delicate nature, the long wing-like spurs and the many different varieties.

Bonus: self-sows freely          Height: 6″-36″                                                                  Colors: white, pink, yellow, red, purple, blue

Plant Zones: 3-9                                                                                                                   Light Requirements: partial shade is best but check each variety


5 thoughts on “Do You Have A Favorite Flower?

  1. I love snapdragons because they are fun to play with! And I love Bleeding Hearts because, as Terry knows, my mom was so excited to learn that there was “a flower in her honor”! She was a very liberal Democrat who was often called a Bleeding Heart by her sister!

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