Spring Cleaning


By the fifteenth man-hour spent cleaning the garden in the spring, I’m usually cursing at myself for not having done more in the fall!  This year, however, I was proud of myself for at least having cut down the 6 foot Helianthus maximiliani because they are quite woody by spring and bloody buggers to cut down (although they do make for great plant stakes if you don’t).

Then while leveling the stalks of ‘Sheffield Pink’ Chrysanthemum, I spied another photo opportunity as their shadow was perfectly cast on the paper refuse bag.  Ah, simple pleasures–if all of life were only this easy! (It can be, can’t it?)

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.

Quote of the Day for YOU: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. ~Chinese proverb


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