Beauty Is A Light In The Heart


After the Crocus, the second sign of spring on the East Coast are the blooms of Forsythia. I settled on a few close-up shots only because I couldn’t find a forsythia that wasn’t pruned into a column- or mushroom shape. What I find most attractive about Forsythia bushes are  their natural fountain-like cascading branches.
But who am I to say what is attractive to the individual beholder? The woman who fills  plastic gallon milk jugs with colored water finds beauty and pleasure in her recreation of the American flag. Or the man who nails glass insulators along his fence railing because he loves the way the light shines through the glass–don’t they have the right to express themselves?
Each of us  is trying to find his own path through life, and in these most arduous (and bothersome) times why shouldn’t we be allowed beauty . . . wherever we can find it?
©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.
Quote of the Day for YOU: The living moment is everything.


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