Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Batsto National Village

There are many shadows to be found at Batsto Village. Built in the 1700s as an iron forge, Batsto  was born, a self-sustaining village with a grist mill, blacksmith, post office, sawmill and general store. Strolling through the village on this very hot, sultry, quiet afternoon one could easily imagine the activity some two hundred years ago on a day like today: children rowing  a far distance from the lake shore, horses grazing in the pasture, nannies caring for babies in the shade of the sweet gum, the postman catching a nod, the sawmill silenced due to the oppressive heat, the occasional banging of the general store screen door echoing on the waves of the humid air.

As I sought the safety of the shade, I realized that the shadows of life can still be found here.

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights 2009-2011.


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