We Are Change

  • See these men ( the ones opposite this corner are merely boys)? I teach their children, brothers, sisters, and cousins English.
  • The parents of my students welcome me with trepidation at first and after with warm hugs and smiling eyes–I am their children’s’ maestra, their madrina.
  • One student brings me Queso Fresco, another invites me to dinner.
  • I hear the childrens’ stories of crossing the long, blistering desert. (Some are as young as five.) They’re courageous and resilient. I encourage them to write down what they remember. “Write a book one day,” I tell them.
  • We laugh together when they stumble over the strange sounds of English; they laugh at me when I translate words into Spanish–then they correct me (smile).
  • My classroom is their safe haven; I am their defender, protector and teacher.
  • And daily, in all types of weather, the fathers and brothers wait on the corner for work–heads hung low, waiting for work, waiting to send money “home.”

©Teresita Abad Doebley All rights reserved 2009-2011.


8 thoughts on “We Are Change

  1. really powerful post! i love that you’re a teacher. i got through my last years of high school because a teacher inspired me to be happy & content.

  2. Wow! first of all, good job. Being a teacher is just not a job one does. Much more than plain effort is required. So kudos to you for developing a nurturing relationship with your students that fosters their learning and growth. Thanks for the share 🙂

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