Enemy at the Gates

Geez, you HAD to pose for me, didn’t you? And, NO, you are NOT cute and cuddly. D’ya hear me? You really aren’t. You steal all the bird food, including the suet, from my friends and make holes all over the yard trying to find all the spoils you buried the week before. And what’s with the chicken bones that I keep finding under the hemlock tree?  Where the hell are you getting chicken bones for chrissake? You and I . . . we need to learn how to make peace somehow. (Why don’t you stay in Evelyn’s yard? )

I know! Just stay behind the gates–anything out there is game. OK?

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


5 thoughts on “Enemy at the Gates

  1. Ah, you are of sound mind Terry. Your assumption of the squirrel is correct. Yes, they are crazy!! I had one who flew in the air, landed on my back door screen, dug his claws in the mesh and hung there to eat my Indian corn that was hanging from my back door light. Yes crazy they are. If you need a hired gun I know someone (LOL).

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