A Plant For All Seasons

Butterfly Weed, or Asclepias Tuberosa, is spectacular in every season. It has a rich orange crown of tiny flowers that will give a second bloom later in the season. The vibrant flower color is attractive to many bees and butterflies. One in particular, the monarch butterfly,  receives a double dose of nectar for the adult butterfly and plant food for the larvae. This native plant  likes full sun, but I do have a few plants in partial shade which do quite well.

I found my first plant alongside some old railroad tracks. Having been unsuccessful in digging these deep-rooted plants before, I came prepared with a large shovel instead of the Army shovel I carry for such occasions.

I have had this wonderful plant for quite a few years. The interestingly-shaped seed pods open to feathery winged ballerinas who provide my garden with new plants. I  leave them wherever they root, occasionally potting a young seedling as a pass-along plant. Why not spread the joy?

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.

7 thoughts on “A Plant For All Seasons

  1. You are personally responsible for my ‘spring anticipation’, Teresita! Not only the lovely snippets of summer that your photos supply, but the images your poetic lines create make me look forward to warmer, sunnier days.

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