Who Doesn’t Love a Book?

As a few students were editing their narrative pieces, I let the others lie on the rug. Their only criteria for allowing them to lie on the pillows was their having to read. When I looked over at the unusually quiet girls, I was surprised and pleased at this scene.

They didn’t know I was watching and while E- was reading, the other girls lay in rapt attention.


I don’t remember being read to–my siblings might have memories of this, but I don’t. And I know my parents read to us–how else would we have learned to love books?

I liked them so much that I brought one of my favorite books to my 2nd-grade classl for Show and Tell. I was insanely excited about taking my turn to show–I even remember the book: . (The 1950s version.) But I fell . . . flat . . .  on . . .  my . . .  face. No one was interested in my book. They were barely paying attention. Some were looking out the window. Playing with things in their desks. And the worst: rolling their eyes. They barely clapped when it was over. I mean, how could I compete with a turtle, a trophy, and a WWII helmet?

But it didn’t discourage me–some children just do not like to read. Period. So when I saw my girls “in the moment” on the rug,  my heart was warmed. I so hope that they learn to love books as I do. Who doesn’t love a book?

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.

One thought on “Who Doesn’t Love a Book?

  1. That is a great photo of the kiddos reading. They looks so cute.
    I grew up reading as much as I could, and it’s a darn shame that so few kids seems to have that desire to read (for enjoyment) these days.

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