No Day At the Beach . . . For Me

Photo Shoot at the Beach

You know, I was out here a week and a half ago, and so were the surfers. The day of this shoot it was 50 degrees, but the last time we were all here there was a wind chill of 23. My hands were so cold that day–couldn’t wear my gloves because I was trying to pick up shells for a science project. (Ah, the things I don’t do for “my kids.”)

Anyway,  the sun finally made an appearance. Yes, it has been a few weeks since it shone–and everyone was beginning to have some serious talk  about it. But for the surfers, it’s different. It’s all about the waves.

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


4 thoughts on “No Day At the Beach . . . For Me

  1. i LOVE your pictures! have you ever heard of Mindful Photography? well.. basically it’s what you’re doing! it’s pictures of nature, but mainly focused on a focal point. i wish i lived in a more nature-integrated town. we have one main park here & the rest are buildings. the closest thing to nature we have are farms, but they’re all privately owned so i can’t just take random shots of them without… well getting shot myself LoL!

  2. Sometimes I think surfers are from a different planet. I remember being in Hawaii when a tsunami was supposed to hit, and the police kept having to chase out surfers hiding for their chance to ride the big one.

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