Oh What Fun . . . An Ice Storm!

"Oh, no you didn't!" "Yes, I did! I lay, tummy down, on the ice and took this photo."

Some people are at their wit’s end with this year’s weather. (Where’s Al Gore when you need him? Getting a massage, maybe?) I can never remember a time, especially at the seashore, when we had snow on the ground continually since Christmastime. I really don’t mind venturing out in the snow in the car or sauntering in a blizzard, which my husband and I did twice. It’s only snow, people, and if you take your time driving, you’ll be OK–it’s the other guy with whom you must be wary.

And the panic shopping before a snowfall? Why? Is the cupboard bare, your freezer empty? Tell the truth: How many times have you been snowed in beyond two days?  Is there an unwritten rule  with which I am unaware that you have to consume your entire store of food because of a snow storm? Most of the time the roads are clear to drive the day following a storm–can’t we live without bread, milk, and eggs for one godforsaken day?

Now tonight’s a different story–we’re going to have an ice storm (oops, it’s currently snowing) which means downed wires, possibly no heat or electricity and perhaps black ice in the morning. Reason to panic? You betcha! (wink, wink) Shop Rite here we come!


8 thoughts on “Oh What Fun . . . An Ice Storm!

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  2. Beautiful images. I have been amused at the panicked reactions as the storm slowly made its way toward Kansas yesterday. I guess Kansans are not used to large amounts of snow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the danger of ice and snow and power outages and stuff. Just this past December I was in Mass. when the power was out at my parents house for about 36 hours. But when I look outside I keep thinking “the whole town shut down for this?”. Wimps.

  3. My, how you’ve changed since Nov.! I haven’t heard of anyone rushing out to the store lately, maybe everyone is finally getting sensible!

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