¿Por qué necesitamos nosotros mega mansiones? Are Mega Mansions Necessary?

Back in the 50s and 60s my sister and I always shared a bedroom: She had her side, and I had mine. And mind you that it was never bigger than 10′ x 12′–that was pretty much a standard-sized bedroom. We never had two bathrooms–we went on space availability, but I wouldn’t say it was ever an issue.

So, here we (referring to the U.S.A) are sixty years later with homes (I believe they’re called Mega Mansions) double the size (Adler, NPR 2011). Is it necessary? (Yeah, stupid question.) Are our children going to be deprived without their own bathrooms? Must we have media rooms? Disgustingly large bathrooms? (How much time are we spending in there for chrissake?) Playrooms? Kitchens designed for professional cooks? Personal gyms? Guest houses?  What happened to simply *living in a house by the side of the road and being a friend to man?

*The House By the Side of the Road by Sam Walter Ross


4 thoughts on “¿Por qué necesitamos nosotros mega mansiones? Are Mega Mansions Necessary?

  1. I shared a room growing up and look how I turned out! Seriously, we want our children to learn how to share their toys, but we don’t teach them how to share living spaces. I think learning how to live together is more important.

    • Families no longer “live” together. They do, however, share the same space. Most don’t even have dinner together, and children have their own TVs. I think that sense of family is diminished.

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