Sidewalk Vendors . . . There

Sidewalk vendors make a great living–in other countries.

There is such a variety of foods to be had: grilled corn on a stick in Mexico; Tom Yum soup in Bangkok; jerk chicken in Jamaica; sugar cane in Antigua; fresh coconut in the Philippines; gelato in Italy–shall I go on? As a tourist, you can eat reasonably and get very good food.

But not here in the U.S. No. Here you have to register your business name and, of course, there is a charge for that. Then you have to have a license number, a permit, approval from the Board of Health, detailed drawings of the cart, police approval, a list of approved items from the engineer, the term “sidewalk” must be clearly defined (oh I said that already), one must charge payroll taxes for the employees,  obtain commercial liability insurance . . .

proof- of identity and address, recent photograph, clearly define the term sidewalk, category fee, application fee, endorsement fee, technology fee (!), pushcart/stand fee (isn’t it yours?), review committees, child support certification form, and on and on . . .

© Teresita Abad Doebley. All rights reserved 2009-2011.


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