The December 2010 Lunar Eclipse

My husbuddy set the alarm at 3:15 a.m. so that we could watch the lunar eclipse under way. We donned our robes and slippers and stepped onto our second floor deck–the sky was spectacularly lit with a multitude of stars clearly visible, a terrific opening for the main event. I don’t have a terrific telephoto lens, nor is my camera great at taking night photos, but we witnessed a lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice–like one that occurred 372 years ago in A.D. 1638

  • Galileo Explains Principles of Falling Bodies
  • Ottomans Lay Siege to Bagdhad
  • John Harvard Dies
  • The Battle of Rheinfelden
  • The Glasgow Assembly Votes to Abolish Episcopacy from the Scottish Church
  • Posthumous Publication of Francis Goodwin’s The Man On the Moon

and one that will not occur again for some time. So I felt honored to be able to witness the eclipse on such a beautiful morning palette.

I wished that I could have witnessed the entire eclipse, but I knew that in a few hours I would have had to get up for school.  Next time . . .

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3 thoughts on “The December 2010 Lunar Eclipse

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  2. congrats on capturing this magical event! I was so mad this morning when I realized that I’d stayed up late enough to see the beginning but missed it anyway.

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