August Autumn

I was so surprised, delighted to see how many of my chrysanthemums came back from last year. I do have the hardy varieties, but the others normally do not survive our winters here in the Northeast.

Today, I did prune some of my perennials which goes against my tradition of leaving them in for some “winter interest.”

But I left most of the pruning for this past spring and, egads, what a monumental job that was. (I even felt sorry the trash guys.)

So, I’m getting a jump on the pruning this year only leaving flower seeds that I know my feathered buddies like.

Plus I like the surprise of finding where the seeds will sprout in the garden the following year. Even one of my chrysanthemums did that–probably with the help of my feathered buddies! And I transplanted some irises that needed dividing which will guarantee the appearance of more blossoms next spring.

I spent four hours in the yard today, hmm . . . should I clock in after dinner?


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