Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon

I know, I know!  Saying that they grow up too quickly is such a cliché. I know this. But it’s so true.

How can you say no to the all-too-grown-up style clothing she begs for in the store, especially when there isn’t anything else out there that’s being offered. Do you send her to a parochial school simply because you want her to dress “appropriately”? Why does their clothing have to be mirror images of an 18-year old’s? Why?

Will this overly friendly little girl be influenced by the first boy who slips a note into her locker? Can I keep her from listening to all those very explicit songs on the radio? Or trust the boy who gives her her first corsage? Can I block the MTV channels for videos rated MA? How can I keep her from feeling peer pressure when the first joint is being passed her way? Or beer? Or worse? Will she know when to say No or have the common sense to say, “Please take me home.”

No, we can’t protect them forever. I certainly cannot because she’s not my daughter. But for all the mothers out there who have little girls–keep them little girls as long as you can. How can we do that, you ask? Gosh, I wish I knew!


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