Nature Does Not Intrude

You could never describe how wondrous Alaska truly is until you’ve seen it for yourself.

How does one describe the  lace-like, oxide of chromium needled trees and get it . . . just right?

Or the substantially immense mountain range leading to majestic Mt. McKinley? Jagged? Unequaled? Spiffy? Truthful?

Or the snap-crackle-pop sound of air being released from the icebergs.

Or the melodic sound of your paddle as it slices through the fjord.

Or the alarmingly penetrating crack of thunder heard as the glaciers are calving.

Or the bone-chillin’, knee-knockin’, bitter cold on a typical summerday in Barrow.

No, I cannot begin to describe it to you. I can’t describe the hush over a crowd as they see their first fin whale break water or the Ohs expressed when they encounter their first bear. Stop!
Rethink that beach vacation!


5 thoughts on “Nature Does Not Intrude

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