Great Blue Heron–Fisherman, Shame On You

Finally, camera in hand, I come across a Great Blue Heron in Pensacola just waiting for a photo op!  Finally!

Getting out of the car, I was able to get pretty close to do a shoot around. What a perfect model he was!

He would actually let me get pretty close, turning occasionally to ensure that I was getting his best profile. How cooperative a subject he was!

His eyes were just striking, and the way the breeze ruffled his feathers just lent to this perfect photo sitting. Could those spindly legs really hold that fairly LARGE body? Is he all feathers? Haha–it’s sort of like what we women say: It was that time of the month!

Could it get any better than this? I not only hit The Spot: 2/3 up and 2/3 over, The Golden Impact Point, but I also get a little foreground framing.

But as I get closer, I am getting a little freaked because I have absolutely no idea what the temperament of a Great Blue Heron is like. And then . . .

I see it.

My mom sees it.

I am shocked.

I am sickened,

and . . . devastated


Look closely, Reader. There is a fishing hook stuck in his beak. The white line leading down his side IS NOT a delicate feather–it’s fishing line! At the end of the fishing line is a lead weight.

Couldn’t the fisherman have removed the hook with the help of others?Couldn’t he have called the park rangers at this national seashore? No, he did not.

But I did.

I called the national seashore office–it was a holiday and, “No one will be out today, but we’ll try to get someone out there tomorrow. Where was the bird located . . .”


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