Summertime Blues

View from Ocean City looking toward Atlantic City

I always get this way when summer is beginning to wane–this sadness, this longing for summer to never end. This I-didn’t-accomplish-all-the-things-I-wanted-to feeling. (It’s no wonder why they use the seasons as a metaphor for life.)

It all begins with that gentle breeze in spring, the promise of warmth that one gets from outdoors in the longed-for fresh air. Promise of beach, biking, books, cantaloupe, family, fishing, friends,  gardening,  ice cream sundaes, July, kayaking, picnics,  relaxing, sun , travel . . . weeds . . .

I first notice summer’s approach when driving to work: the meadow grass turns lime green, a lush neon-green shag carpet. “Ah,” I think to myself, “summer’s here!” The titillation is almost too too much to bear.

I now ponder on all the upcoming rapidly dwindling days where I will just lie around reading in the safety of the shade or lie on my belly to take pictures of bugs and buttercups. Staying up late to finish a chapter of one of those can’t-put-it-down books or watching movies long into the night actually helps to remove the creases from my forehead, the frown from my lips.

By midsummer, I’m into a routine of doing whatever, whenever I desire. I can sit back and watch the waves roll in or stare at all the bikini-clad beachgoers, whether they are meant to wear one or not.  Who cares? I wear a bikini myself . . .

But I realize when August crawls lazily across the stark blue sky–summer’s almost over. The visiting friends, the family, the boating, the beachcombing is over–all that flurryof activity is over when






4 thoughts on “Summertime Blues

  1. Darn Terry, when I read your allegory of Sring and the culmination of Fall, it was (almost) enough to make a grown man cry! Just kidding, but it made me in spirit want to go back to Spring and sart all over again. What shall I do but be patient and wait for the cycle of life once again. But honestly your words and pictures were warm and true.

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    • Thanks for the comment, compliment! I am very new at blogging and have to figure out how to get my stuff “out there.” I checked out your photos and like your photos. The one of your granddaughter is just soft enough to go with her innocent expression. It’s a lively capture, and I don’t think the hair in her eyes is at all distracting. I believe it draws more attention to the other eye.

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