Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


Names: I was given the name “Teresita.” I’ve been called “Teresa,” “Tessie,” “Teserita”—you get the drift—no one could properly pronounce it. My first grade teacher decided to nickname me “Terry” (which I spell “Tere”), and my father upon reading a note on one of my papers from the teacher, exclaimed, “Terry! Your name is not Terry! You tell your teacher that your name is Teresita!”

Daily Gratitude: sweeping and salting my elderly neighbor’s porch and seeing her smile; watching Downton Abbey reruns; a dusting of snow

Quote of the Day: Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. ~Japanese proverb

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path


Mosaic Path: I began my mosaic learning journey one weekend with Isaiah Zagar from The Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA.

A few weeks later, I asked for someone to volunteer a blank wall on which I could practice my new skills—thus the nautilus.

I moved on to using a mesh, cutting and tapping away leaving chards of glass all over our bedroom floor: This project resulted in a twelve-foot, messy mosaic landscape mural underneath our windows outside (still unfinished–but the neighbors love it anway).

And then I had designs on making an outdoor table… because, gosh, it must be easier than hanging a twelve-foot mural six inches from the ground. The day I poured the grout it was 92º outside and probably 98º in the garage. Some of the tiles were buried under the soupy grout, and it dried so quickly leaving me hours of cleaning the film off most of the tiles. (Geesh.) But the jellyfish swam to the surface, so I’m not unhappy with the result.

When I saw a mosaic course in Ravenna, Italy, my interest was more than piqued. Six months later, a friend and I were on the plane and enrolled in the Ravenna Mosaic School of Art. There I learned the ancient method of creating mosaic art with a lot less unnecessary work.

Since I retired four years ago, I’ve become more skilled as a self-taught acrylics painter; learned Level I archery; tried my Gumby skills at yoga; took lessons in painting with watercolors; caught halibut and King Salmon in Alaska; wielded a rifle shooting sporting clays… My path is winding. My path is sometimes difficult My path has many directions. My path is well-lit, and I’m going down as many as I can.

Daily Gratitude: window shopping; a nice chat with a friend from school who I ran into in the ShopRite parking; having a large family who can envelope my cousin, D at her time of need

Quote of the Day: Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. ~Chinese Proverb

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation


Isle of Capri, Napoli, Italy

Anticipation: We missed the boat ride to the Grotta Azurra on the Isle of Capri because the water was rough. Truthfully, we had not anticipated going, didn’t even know it existed! I’ve read about blue grottos, blue lagoons in other countries: Puerto Rico, Iceland, Brazil, Polynesia, Croatia, Greece, Malta, and I anticipate seeing them all or one of them some day.

Daily Gratitude: the scent of freshly baked fig muffins; a hint of blue sky; wrapping gifts

Quote of the Day: Anticipation awakes the passion… ~Craig D. Slovak

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Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon


Ravenna Mosaic Art School, Ravenna, Italy

New Horizon: I enrolled in a Standard Intensive Mosaic course at the Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy, this past November. I learned the ancient method of cutting marble, stone, and smalti with a hammer and hardie (above left) and applying a design to lime putty. Even with an afternoon of practice, it was difficult for us novices to cut the materials into uniform tesserae and even more tedious to cut triangles when needed. During class, I silently prayed to my Mosaic Madrina to assist me in making clean cuts and not hammer the precious materials into sand!

This year, I hope to gain more experience in cutting tesserae and possibly perfecting my mosaic art pieces.

Daily Gratitude: writing notes to friends and family on the Christmas cards; seeing an unrecognizable bird atop our cedar tree; a cozy fire

Quote of the Day: Opportunity is a bird that never perches. ~ Claude McDonald

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Weekly Photo Challenge:



“Old friends sat on the park bench like bookends.” Capri, Napoli, Italy

Daily Gratitude: canning pepper jelly and fig preserves with my bestie; sun shiny day; getting my voice back

Quote of the Day: A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety. ~Aesop, Fables

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Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time Of Year Without…


During the Fall season, the plant nurseries and farm stands are laden with beautiful mums and pumpkins. While many people think that mums are annuals, most sold at the markets are, in fact, hardy. So every Fall my garden explodes with mums of all colors. Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we’ve been fortunate to have had unseasonably warm weather allowing my mums an extended growth. Lucky me, lucky bees.

Daily Gratitude: a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family; my almost month-long cold abating; a warm shawl

Quote of the Day: The best way to learn to appreciate something is to be without it for a while.

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