Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

I suppose there are many things in life that could make one satisfied: seeing a beautiful sunset at the end of the day; not burning the dinner; grateful for getting at least a few tomatoes after having watered the plant for two months…

And I do get satisfaction from many, many things, but what satisfies me most is creating art. 

Daily Gratitude: spending a few hours on the beach with a friend; making and canning India relish; making daily videos for my Dad

Quote of the Day: 
There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction. ~Salvador Dali

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

luna parc

Braile or Morse Code? I’m certain there’s a specific order to these symbols. Help me to translate this message!

Daily Gratitude: a lovely, lovely day!; buds galore in my garden; an awesome trip to Luna Parc con mi amiga

Quote of the Day: Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood. ~Henry Miller

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Memory: I shall always remember that moment… that view, as I leaned against the railing of the vaparetto which would ferry Lynda and I to the train station. A soft ribbon of pink on the horizon reflected on the choppy water’s crests providing bits of light to early morning toilers. We were not discomforted by the gentle, rhythmic, pitter-pattering rain that peppered our faces, so entrenched we were, lost in our own silent farewell to Venice. I doubt whether I’ll see Venice again as I have many adventures in queue, but I have this memory, evanescent as it may be. 

Daily Gratitude: watching several butterfies fitting in the garden; seeing the waves crashing along dog beach (wish I had my camera); spending time working on a mosaic listening to my playlist

Quote of the Day: Friendship is evanescent in every man’s experience, and remembered like heat lightening in past summers. ~Henry David Thoreau

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage


The first laces of Burano, Italy, date back to the 1500s. There is a long history of lace making and schooling of lace in Burano that is a heritage that had been revived in 1978 when the Burano Lace Museum was established. Their methods for making lace is still the same today and peering into the back of any of the lace shops in Burano, one can see these lovely ladies hunched over their pillows, hard at work. It is remarkable to see the lacemakers working their fine art with such nimble fingers–I was in awe.

Daily Gratitude: a day on the beach with a nice bay breeze; a stroll in my garden to see who is offering up their blossoms to for me to view; seeing my first black swallowtail in search of nectar

Quote of the Day: He who denies his heritage, has no heritage. ~Khalil Gibran

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